10-07-2018 The Church Community

What holds us together as a church? There is something special about belonging to a group, but there is something supernatural about belonging to the church! God has places us together for His glory and by His grace and it is the gospel of Jesus that holds us together!

09-30-2018 Recovery from the Devil’s Snare

How can we help others recover themselves from the Devil’s traps? 2 Timothy chapter 2 gives some insight. Strong Bible knowledge, a clean and pure lifestyle and certainly patience will equip you to reach others who are desperate for hope! Learn how to help others in Recovery.

09-02-2018 Jesus Explains Real Love

“I love people!” we might exclaim, but do we really? In this passage Luke records for us the words of Jesus as He describes how true love really acts. True love does not seek any self gratification and so it never seeks revenge for wrongs done. Jesus will challenge your thinking and test you love by this message.

08-05-2018 The Man with the Withered Hand

Jesus heals a man who had a problem and in so doing, brings to the forefront the sinful thoughts of the Pharisees.  They try to find fault with Jesus and are “filled with madness” when they can’t.  When you meet Jesus, you either get “mad” or “glad”!