2020-01-12 Jesus Prays for Peter

In Luke 22:24-34 we see Jesus instructing His disciples on greatness. We also see Jesus praying that Peter’s faith will not fail. Although Peter would deny Jesus, he would also go on to be used by the Lord in great ways as the early church developed. Perhaps, the key to Peter’s success was the prayer of the Lord Jesus Himself!

2020-01-05 The Last Supper and the New Covenant

Jesus established a New Covenant in fulfillment of prophecy during the last supper. This fruit of the vine pictures the blood of the new covenant that would be shed by Jesus Himself. This Covenant we remember every time we celebrate the Lord’s Table (Communion); all that we enjoy in salvation comes back to the blood of Jesus! Listen as we study this crucial time during the passion week of Jesus.

2019-03-10 Denying the Power of Jesus

In Luke 11:14-26 we see how the religious leaders in Israel during Jesus day deny the Divine power of Jesus. They cross a line over which they will never return. This passage displays an unpardonable sin of rejecting the clear work of the Holy Spirit to convict a person of the divinity of Jesus. One will never be free from sin by denying the only power to save!

2019-05-19 Missing the Kingdom

Many assume they will be admitted into the Kingdom, however, scripture is clear that many will miss it! Don’t let your own assumptions of the Kingdom of God cause you to not recognize it. In Luke 13 18-30 Jesus shows His followers that the Kingdom for which they long may not be theirs!

2019-03-31 The Call to Leave Man-Centered Religion

There is great difficulty in leaving a religion under which we have grown up. The security of tradition and family ties makes difficult the decision to follow Jesus alone. In this passage Jesus helps His followers to break free and embrace the truth. Study with us Luke 12: 1-12.

2019-03-17 Seeing the Light

How is it that the people of Jesus’ day did not understand who He was? We may think to ourselves If I were alive in Jesus’ day I would certainly follow Him! But is that really the case? In Luke 11 Jesus explains the reason that so many do not “see the light.” Could you be in danger of missing the Messiah too?