11-25-2018 Responding to the Word

It’s one thing to accept that the Bible is true, but it’s another thing to live by it in faith!  Jesus asked His disciples “where is your faith?” The challenge to place our faith in the Word is met when we prioritize it in our lives by practicing what it says. Listen to Jesus explain and illustrate this concept in today’s message.

11-18-2018 The Parable of the Soils

When the Word of God is heard there are many different responses to it.  One of the reasons Jesus used parables was actually to restrict light to those who already had a disposition to reject it. In this  passage Jesus explains the various responses and his use of parables. How will you respond?

11-11-2018 A Response To Forgiveness

An undesirable woman approaches Jesus and causes a stir. Jesus explains the woman’s worship by offering an illustration of forgiveness. Hear from God’s Word how forgiveness really works. Receive that forgiveness and you can’t help but to worship!

10-28-2018 Why the Suffering?

Everyone seems to ask at one time or another “why does God allow such suffering in the world?” The heart of man yearns to see justice, but he is often disappointed. Is God loving? Is He just? What are we to make of it? In this passage Jesus answers with comfort and healing.

10-21-2018 What Does Great Faith Look Like?

In this passage Jesus heals the servant of a Roman Centurion. This man showed such great faith that Jesus pointed to him up as an example for all, even the Jews! This humble man of great worldly authority displays for us what it means to trust Christ.

10-07-2018 The Church Community

What holds us together as a church? There is something special about belonging to a group, but there is something supernatural about belonging to the church! God has places us together for His glory and by His grace and it is the gospel of Jesus that holds us together!

09-30-2018 Recovery from the Devil’s Snare

How can we help others recover themselves from the Devil’s traps? 2 Timothy chapter 2 gives some insight. Strong Bible knowledge, a clean and pure lifestyle and certainly patience will equip you to reach others who are desperate for hope! Learn how to help others in Recovery.