2019-03-10 Denying the Power of Jesus

In Luke 11:14-26 we see how the religious leaders in Israel during Jesus day deny the Divine power of Jesus. They cross a line over which they will never return. This passage displays an unpardonable sin of rejecting the clear work of the Holy Spirit to convict a person of the divinity of Jesus. One will never be free from sin by denying the only power to save!

2019-05-19 Missing the Kingdom

Many assume they will be admitted into the Kingdom, however, scripture is clear that many will miss it! Don’t let your own assumptions of the Kingdom of God cause you to not recognize it. In Luke 13 18-30 Jesus shows His followers that the Kingdom for which they long may not be theirs!

2019-04-14 Church Membership Series (Part 2)

In this second part of the series Pastor Joel Henderson addresses the qualifications of church members. How does a person become a member of the church and specifically of Trinity Gospel Church? What does the Bible say about official church membership?

2019-05-05 Church Membership Series (Part 4)

In this final part to the series Pastor Joel Henderson examines the Trinity Gospel Church Membership Covenant and its Biblical foundation. What is expected of church members in terms of their commitment? While this message does not cover the topic exhaustively, it does point out the calling and high commitment level each member should have.

2019-02-10 Loving God and Loving Others

Listen to this well known parable of the “Good Samaritan” in its original context. Was Jesus giving instructions on how we are to treat others or was there a much deeper reason for His telling this parable? Hear also how Mary and Martha learn to love God from their hearts.