2019-03-31 The Call to Leave Man-Centered Religion

There is great difficulty in leaving a religion under which we have grown up. The security of tradition and family ties makes difficult the decision to follow Jesus alone. In this passage Jesus helps His followers to break free and embrace the truth. Study with us Luke 12: 1-12.

2019-03-17 Seeing the Light

How is it that the people of Jesus’ day did not understand who He was? We may think to ourselves If I were alive in Jesus’ day I would certainly follow Him! But is that really the case? In Luke 11 Jesus explains the reason that so many do not “see the light.” Could you be in danger of missing the Messiah too?

2019-03-03 Prayer: The Next Level

Taking our relationship with God to the next level through prayer is the topic of this message from Luke 11. Our prayer life changes as we focus less on our own needs and more on the needs others. Supplication on the behalf of others challenges our motives and our relationship with God Himself. Are you ready for the next level in prayer?

2019-02-17 Prayer: What It Is and How We Do It

Jesus instructs his disciples on the basics of prayer in our text today. Luke 11 is one of the most popular passages on prayer, and has become known to many if not most in our society today as “The Lord’s Prayer.” Listen as we discover Jesus’ response to those who asked Him “Lord, teach us to pray.”

2019-02-24 A Biblical Pattern for Giving to Missions

The Great Commission is fulfilled by the local church when the church sends missionaries to “preach the Gospel to every creature.” This is no small task! Those who are called to be missionaries are sent by the Lord through the local church. The church will also help them (even financially) in this calling. The Apostle Paul was no stranger to missionary support and gives us a pattern in our text today in Philippians. Listen as we discuss how you can/should be involved in giving to missionaries.

2019-04-14 Church Membership Series (Part 2)

In this second part of the series Pastor Joel Henderson addresses the qualifications of church members. How does a person become a member of the church and specifically of Trinity Gospel Church? What does the Bible say about official church membership?

2019-05-05 Church Membership Series (Part 4)

In this final part to the series Pastor Joel Henderson examines the Trinity Gospel Church Membership Covenant and its Biblical foundation. What is expected of church members in terms of their commitment? While this message does not cover the topic exhaustively, it does point out the calling and high commitment level each member should have.