2018-12-16 Jesus Supplies the Needs of His Disciples

Whether they are traveling through the countryside preaching the Kingdom Gospel or sitting on the hillside with 5,000 others listening to the Master preach, the disciples find that Jesus will supply. We would do well to learn the same lesson!

2018-12-09 People In Desperate Need

It doesn’t matter what your position in life is or what means you have. Every person is in need of something. Everyone will come to the place where he must admit, “I cannot do what needs to be done!” In today’s message two people come to that place and both find the help that only Jesus can give!

2018-12-02 Real Power for Real Change

Jesus heals a man in whom many demons dwell. His power over all supernatural and natural forces is unmatched. Jesus shows that He is the judge of all beings and true deliverance from all evil. Listen to this message and learn that only Jesus can change your life!

2018-11-25 Responding to the Word

It’s one thing to accept that the Bible is true, but it’s another thing to live by it in faith!  Jesus asked His disciples “where is your faith?” The challenge to place our faith in the Word is met when we prioritize it in our lives by practicing what it says. Listen to Jesus explain and illustrate this concept in today’s message.

2018-11-18 The Parable of the Soils

When the Word of God is heard there are many different responses to it.  One of the reasons Jesus used parables was actually to restrict light to those who already had a disposition to reject it. In this  passage Jesus explains the various responses and his use of parables. How will you respond?